The principles of stagedesign, scenography, directing or artist are taken into account in the development of the lighting design.

Thereby, light expression forms and technical solutionsare chosen accordingly. Modern technologies and various types of the out put are used in the lighting design and its development.There by, it improves the artistic nature and its forms of expression.

The designis developed as one of the artistic expressions, including elements of visual art or contemporary philosophy. As well as, it allocates the essence of the lights shape and builds the right form of communication with the imagination of the spectator. A light score is made as the result of the design process.This type oflight score is a schematic division of performance that is conducted in stages, either based on musical material or production needs.In such a way, itstructures the work of light artist / director, and gives the precise execution of the process to the exact moment.

Avariety of technologies and forms of light creating are involved in the creation of the design, by using light equipment, video projection, and 3D animation - hologram machines that achieve the desired results in different visualizations. Modern 3D / 4D design soft wares (Lightconverse, AutoCAD and other) are used in the creation of the lighting design. Therefore, giving a chance to see or adjust the desired result of the project at the same time when creating it. With the help of the given software, virtual environment, in which the light designer can demonstrate implementation of the project or to carry out the programming and test of the project, is created.In its turn, director or scenic designer in this environment can have an accurate picture of actions on the stage (motion, shape change of stage, scenery movement, the video demonstration, effects, and other activities).

In casethe project is being filmed, a special environment, where shooting team can try the use of shooting frame or have a virtual shooting with the corresponding camera and filming equipment, is made.In addition tolighting design, modern multi - media and special technical equipment systems, which helps synchronize the audio with the video, stage movement and special effects, are used.Thus, iteliminates the human factor in the project, which creates an accurate performance of the operations.

When we createa variety of lighting design projects (the concert lighting, architectural lighting, art projects, premises lighting) different lighting artists, depending on the project or visual form, are attached. Thereby, it gives individuality and variety of expressions to our projects.

By now, the use of multi - media systems thatare mostly used for video broadcasting material form have become an integral part of the stage image.

Consequently, a whole video art direction, which is widely used as one of the most prominent forms of expression, is created.

World known artistsand also young, prospective professionals are attached to the process of creating the visual material.Each of them createsa unique visual world, which is approximated to the desired visual image or shape. Different types of animation are made, as from simple clips to application of  "3D Mapping" system, which now a days has become popular in large-scale project development.

In order to execute the required functions,a separate video project is created to the eachproject and its formation interacts between the stage design, lighting and directing. A various types of development are used: the video production,required animation creation for the project (advertising spots and other) and the creation of "Matrix"equipment type working materials. A variety of forms of expression: film format, photography, 3D animation, Flash-type animation, application and graphic design are used.

Avariety ofsoftware systems that help to achieve the exact desired results are used to create projects and develop technical specifications.

"Lightconverse" 3D simulation program that allows animate and simulate ongoing events on stage during the actual event is used as abasis for visualization of database.Thus,facilitating the process of a project and creation of the design, as well as making it possible to fully pre-program lights, video and stage equipment.

In addition, thebest advanced engineering software that enables the accurate drawings and makes necessary technical calculations is used.Equipments of manyworld known manufacturers, which are selected depending on the needs and tasks that should be performed, are used in our projects.Systems from companies “Vari-Lite”,  “Martin”, “ClayPaky”, “PRG”, “Thomas”, “ARI”, “ETC”, “Barco”are used as a foundation for lighting technical base, but systems as “MA Lighting”, “Flying Pig”, “Maxxyz”, “AVOLITES” are used for the lighting direction and control.

Video control servers as "Catalyst", "Hippotaiser", "Mbox Extreme" are used to translate visual materials on the stage screens, panels and squares. These video control servers allow synchronizing video with sound, light and stage equipment.In addition IT systems, alarm management and system control are developed for easier and safer realization of the project. Particular, the need for such systems arises in large-scale projects. The professionals and consultants are invited to corporate in the each technical sections of the project. Thus, it makes the project more reliable and safe.