A design of a stage and venue includes the bases of stage design industry.

They give the stage its unique shape and form, thus enhancing the emotions ofthe spectators or emphasizing production. The design includes creation of a specific stage image, not only through the development of the venue, but also through the design and structuring ofthe whole world, including multi-media system (video design, web design, marketing, clothing design, etc), modern technological equipment, visual and audio materials.

The operation functionis is based on the human senses-sight, sound and involvement ofthe body senses, by creating the shape of design or image and using different ways of expressing certain moods. The development of designis divided into several stages-thought, idea, visualization, preparation of technical information, manufacturing process monitoring (production management, implementation of the project,and analysis of results).

Thespecific instrument and professional is selected for each of these stages. Modern computer technology innovations that precisely approximate each of the participants in the project to the desired outcome, by providing problematic points or providing valuable information to the project, are applied. Design sketches that turn into a virtual 3D or 4D model are developed to create an accurate picture of the expected result or to give an opportunity to develop the show in already constructed virtual environment, by using all necessary tools or methods of operation. Specific design or light objects are developed and moving scene elements of transformation are used to emphasize design forms of the stage. This enhances the image of the stage or emphasizes the stage design and production elements, which give originality and individuality to the design during the show.

Engineering solutions and the development of projections are made during the development of the project, includingthe creation of technical documentation (drawings, descriptions, technical challenges).Such aprocess contributes the desired result, which is an integral and important part in the project development, as well as it assists to establish technical management processes.

In the development ofthe design, all regulations or factors associated with the production management processes (location, time, equipment, personnel, etc.)are taken into account. Thus, it maximizes the results of the stage image and the realization of the technical processes in the project. In addition to all operational processes, technical production for the show, concert or event is designed. It involves each stage of the processes (light, sound, special effects, and stage transformation) and their interaction or connection.This leads to the complete design and precise execution of works during the show.